Mon Casiple sounds 'death knell' for the candidacies of all who oppose Noynoy Aquino!

Funny how bozos like Mon Casiple still use popularity as measured by crony "survey" firm Social Weather Stations (SWS) to 'reaffirm' the 'mandate' of Philippine President Benigno Simeon "BS" Aquino III. SWS, if we recall, is part of BS Aquino's notorious Kamaganak Inc clique...
The SWS was founded in 1986 by Dr. Mahar Mangahas, Prof. Felipe Miranda, then DPWH Sec. Jose P. de Jesus (under President Cory Aquino), Mercy Abad among others while Pulse Asia was founded in the 90s when Prof. Felipe Miranda separated from Mangahas and bolted SWS. It should be noted that Managhas is the cousin of the late presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr while some of the prominent members of the board and stockholders of the Pulse Asia are blood relatives of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, official candidate for the president of the Liberal Party. The corporate records of both firms that are available at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will also show interlocking directorship with several personalities appearing as stockholders of both SWS and Pulse Asia.

Felipe Mirand, Rosalinda T. Miranda, Gemino H. Abad, Mercedes R. Abad, Jose P. de Jesus appear in SEC records as being founders and or stockholders of both SWS and Pulse Asia.

To be fair, Casiple writes after probably having spent years drinking the Yellow Kool-Aid...
The Social Weather Stations (SWS), on its August 24-27, 2012 survey, disclosed a major surge in President Aquino’s net satisfaction rating. From +49% in March 2012 and +42% in May 2012, it now reached +67% in August 2012. 77% or nearly four out of five Filipinos are satisfied with him while only 10% or one out of 10 Filipinos are dissatisfied. This is the highest he got during his entire term up to the present. The survey results cut across geographical areas and across ABCDE class boundaries.
This is very good news to the Aquino administration and bad news to his critics and opposition, especially at this time when the 2013 elections near and immediate decisions need to be made on the alignments and strategies of various candidates. The filing of candidacies on October 1-5, 2012 puts an additional pressure on these decisions.

The creative ways of mounting early campaigns nga naman talaga. As expected, the whole point of all this "reporting" on Casiple's part has to do with the coming Congressional elections...
In this light, the midterm 2013 elections promises to become an Aquino elections. That is, his political endorsement will stand out as a major, if not the decisive factor, in the victory of many candidates. Conversely, his critique of many candidates may well be the death knell of their own candidacies.

Tsk tsk Mr Casiple... sounding the "death knell" for the candidacies of anyone who opposes President BS Aquino so early in the game is just so, well, Yellow.

Nice try, manong. You've earned another shot of Kool Aid.


  1. Good grief, how transparent can these clowns be? The same week any remaining pretense of the "daang matuwid" very publicly disintegrates, they rush to push this lame crap into the news. You forgot to mention how N/A is only having arroz caldo for Christmas, too.

    1. His style of writing and the concepts he pitches make him look more like the relic that he is.

  2. Meh, no matter how hard they try to protect their balding moron, they won't be able to hide the truth forever.


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