If you have something to say, say it with specifics plez. Hirap sa Pinoy, paligoy-ligoy pa kasi e. @carlosceldran

Check out this mini-rant Facebook rant from Carlos Celdran.
Hay nako. What is wrong with Get Real Philippines? Self-loathing and KSP. Their editors need to get laid.
He's obviously got something to say about us, but then won't go into specifics. Pinoy style paligoy-ligoy kung baga. Then somebody points out a possible specific GRP post he is referring to, and Celdran goes "Don't click. Don't give them the clicks they want."

ha ha!


  1. Do the lowly peon contributors also get to get laid? I won't ask if that's libel, I will ask if that redundantly bad grammar on my part.

  2. Maybe he resents being called a sideshow act. Akala niya siguro kasi pang main feature na daw siya.

    And of course, the ever-predictable Pinoy way of thinking: "You don't know why I'm offended by you? Then why should I tell you?"

    Pinoy nga naman. Not everybody can read minds, what more one as scrambled as a Pinoy's?

    Is that libel? So sue me.

  3. But when specifics are given and you don't agree with it you delete the post. That's cowardice, benignoy.


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