James Sieczka is another casualty of the Philippines' pretense at being a 'modern' society

What a shame. After producing a brilliant video exposing the banal stupidities of the Philippines, James Sieczka surrenders to a threat from a Cebu councillor that he will be made 'persona non grata'.

Is that even possible? I thought this was a country that prided itself in guaranteeing everyone "freedom of expression"?

Pinoy nga naman talaga,
Parang aso.
Matangkad lang kapag baka-upo.


  1. I think tama ang expose ni ni james because it has awakened us Filipinos na madami pa din sa atin na mga Pinoy ay may ugali nang baboy at aso.

    1. YEP...we may have the ugaling baboy at aso atsaka crab...we know that we have not matured emotionally but to comment using vulgar words is too much. In north America that is a NO....NO...you criticized in a constructive and polite manner...that is if he came from USA....You can not compare apples and oranges...

  2. Why is the Philippines full of banal stupidities? Because we have been mined, logged and ripped into pieces by the iphone totting, credit- addict neo- liberal countries like, ahem (bato bato sa langet...) the US. Mr Sieczka,must remain poor, thus banally stupid so you can continue to exploit us so that your iphones and ipads remain cheap.

    1. sure, blame everything and everyone but yourself, coward.

  3. Some people just do not like to hear the truth.
    Foreigners have no rights in the Philippines, And until they do, They will never be a mainstream tourist destination, unlike some other Asian countries


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