Democracy and Misinformation conference at Ateneo de Manila Rockwell campus: What are the expected RESULTS? #FactsMatterPH

How can you have a balanced discussion on #FactsMatterPH in the Philippines when you convene such an inbred bunch of "resource persons" in an uppity university campus and have the event streamed by suspect corporate media organisations??

Apparently anything is possible when you are as thick as the organisers of the the so-called conference on "Democracy and Disinformation (Why 'fake news' and other forms of disinformation threaten our freedoms and how to fight back)".

The conference will be held Monday and Tuesday this week at the chi-chi Ateneo de Manila campus in Makati City. As can be seen in the poster above, the attendee list consists of familiar names -- names associated with the same clique of media oligarchs, discredited "joirnalists", and liberal activists allied with the Liberal Party led by the Old Guard of "influencers" loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan that lorded over the Philippines from their ivory towers in Imperial Manila.

What exactly will these "Fake News" Crybabies resolve following this quaint soiree? Perhaps it is not unreasonable to expect some sort of roadmap to resolution of the "issues" they banner around this event and a clear description of what success looks like once the end of that roadmap is reached. Otherwise, expect more talk, lots of OA slogans, plenty of mutual high-fives, and not much else that is relevant to the ordinary Filipino.


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