More fun being an idiot in the Philippines

Democracy is no fun when the majority don't use their heads, and it's the season of not using heads again - well, all year every year in this country actually, but we're having elections real soon, so we're taking it up a notch and oh boy here we go again.

Maybe the Philippines only exists to be an example of how to completely corrupt democracy. It takes a special kind of people to mess democracy up the way Pinoys do, like a massive unspoken collusion that works in reverse of how ants operate or behave. It's not like Pinoys have no exposure to what could be learned from the rest of the world as if we're in isolation. It's not as if Filipinos are too poorly equipped to tell good from bad. Pinoy society screw-ups are due to a potent combination of so many things cultural, it's like a melting pot of everything you could do to something that could potentially excel so that it ultimately fails. And when that something fails excuses abound and everyone goes Pinoy Pride woohoo!

If I had to narrow it down, I single out media as the largest contributor of what's feeding and perpetuating our cultural dysfunction. Media (not all of them but a lot of them, too many of them in fact) has given voice to politicians that they could lie to us at their convenience, has allowed vested interests to determine what is told to the common citizen, has given in to what sells rather than what's true. And Pinoys just swallow it all. Take a lesson from The Wedding Singer - the one with the microphone gets to say what he wants.

So, what now? Gosh darn, I don't know. The above just needed to be said. If anyone who's reading this figures out a way to reboot the kind of perverted democracy we have right here, I'm ready for suggestions (and yellow trolls, in case you haven't heard of me yet).

Written by Parallax

Filipinos could do better, but don't. And I'm sick of it.

[Photo courtesy Juliano Fernando Inigo Guiang.]


  1. You could do better, but you choose to sit down behind your keyboard and whine about everything about the Philippines. Im sick of journalists who thinks they know EXACTLY how the government should be run. How culturally insensitive of you to label a whole group of people as dysfunctional.

    Stand up and work, dude. There is more to life than pretending to be omniscient.

    1. Said the moron who always swallows serious problems. You just hate progress and criticism do you? Pinoy nga naman oo masyado sa bahala na at pwede na iyan mentality. You think just working hard will make this country better when you're not even using your brain?

    2. @the first anonymous commenter:
      That's exactly what's wrong with this country. Somebody speaks up about the reality we have to put up with, like I did, and some emo person reacts just the way you did. Are you suggesting I cannot criticize Filipinos in general if my statement does not apply to some fraction of them? Guess I'll have to wait until 100% of Filipinos are dysfunctional, huh?

      You could have done better by you didn't, so thanks for proving my point, pal.

    3. And what would the first commenter and the rest of the stupid Pinoy inutiles do if Parallax does stand up and act?

      They'd bring him down and badmouth him since they don't get the credit, right?

      Crab mentality indeed.

  2. Get involved na lang, everyone start acting:

  3. I get involved by voting wisely. You know, by voting for someone who actually has a track record of good governance and the experience and expertise to run a country, who belong to a party whose platforms I believe will work. Not the politicians who are related to someone or who are famous media icons.

    Sadly more "masa" vote for the latter kind of politician. It's almost a lost cause.

  4. Parallax, so good to hear from you after a long while! What's up man?

    Yeah, I hear you. Only in the Philippines can you democracy perverted into something as wretched as to the stupid, idiotic mob rule that you see here. It's sad and pathetic that for every one person who uses his head there are about ten thousand morons who don't. Therefore, any semblance of the Filipino population attempting to use its brain is easily snuffed.

    Hope you come back to commenting on Get Real Post! It's a jungle in there; your favorite whipping boy may be gone but there are plenty other weeds who took his place heehehe.

    - FallenAngel

    1. Sorry for the long absence, FallenAngel. Tried to lurk when I could, but work usually ate up my time online.

      That's the difficulty with democracy - it's where idiots, as long as there are more of them than non-idiots, can have their way. How many times have I heard from other people - "Damay tayo sa katangahan ng iba, lalo na kapag eleksyon."

      I'll try to manage my time better and do more than just lurk at GRP. See you there, FallenAngel.


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