Foot in Mouth Disease - the Pinoy politician's epidemic

Filipinos beware: there is an epidemic spreading among the politicians in our midst.  It is called Foot in Mouth Disease, or FMD.  What are the signs that a politician is afflicted with it?  They say things that sound hypocritical, nonsensical, or just downright idiotic.  They do not keep their promises.  They unknowingly lead themselves into a "slip of the tongue" moment.

I don't know if President Noynoy Aquino is the primary carrier of this epidemic but apparently he has a hard time keeping his mouth shut and has kept making gaffe after gaffe.  Sergio Osmeña III also showed signs of FMD by implying that some promises need not be kept.

During the whole impeachment trial lead prosecutor Niel Tupas was inflicted with this condition.  His team had to be helped by the senator-judges who allied themselves with PNoy.  Special mention goes to Franklin Drilon, who was not hesitant about his bias against the defendant Renato Corona, who refused to be inhibited from the trial, and whose own personal wealth warrants more airtime than whatever Corona was reported to have.

Of course, Ombudsman Morales must be mentioned too.  Why in the world would you try to muddle up "transactional balances", and in the process, exhibit a lack of basic accounting and mathematical principles just to bloat someone else's numbers?  However, she was also successful in passing on the epidemic to former Chief Justice Renato Corona, who may have very well caused his own downfall by testifying against himself.

Finally, one more noteworthy case of the disease:  Jinggoy Estrada, and all the other senator-judges who are asking Malacañang to stop filing criminal cases yet voted guilty anyway.  These people contributed and gave credence to Malacañang's impunity, now they're telling them to stop?  I guess stupidity and lack of foresight are really the most noticeable symptoms of this disease. 

Preventive medicine is needed against this.  Don't make promises you can't keep.  Think carefully before you say something.  Make sure that you have your facts straight.  Choose the right people to talk to, and the right people for the job.  Keep in mind that you don't always have to say something every time.  Remember, less talk, less mistake.  Let the politicians keep on eating crow, and their own feet, and let's give them the boot if we aren't satisfied with how they treat us, the people they have sworn to serve first and foremost.


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