Friday, July 8, 2016

Did former President Fidel Ramos order Duterte to work with Leni Robredo?

President Duterte offering Leni Robredo the housing appointment feels forced, both by FVR and the Yellow people. I find it exceedingly worrisome that Duterte said he takes his orders from FVR.  That is NOT a good sign, believe me.  Remember it was FVR who told Duterte that he and the immorally proclaimed VP ought to work together.

If you think about FVR's known history and track record, that would just be a hint of why this alliance is a very problematic one for the nation.  Moreover, even if President Duterte gave Robredo a Cabinet post, that still doesn't erase the reality of massive ELECTORAL FRAUD that got her her immoral proclamation.  Millions of Filipinos don't believe she is the rightful VP and having successfully pressured Duterte to offer her a Cabinet post will not change that reality.

Victoria V. Ferro as posted on Facebook:

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