Friday, July 25, 2014

Fil-Am regrets coming home: Laziness is a strong tradition in the #Philippines

I am a Fil-AM and I chose to move back here in Philippines coz it's my homeland. Sad to say it's not what I think it was.

If you think MATURELY, you would know it's not easy to just decide to move and go. I made a mistake. I have to live with it and am working on making my life easier in the Philippines as others make it harder for me to live here (e.g. services: electric, water, phones, etc.). But yes, I will move out of this country when I can finally be able to because if others hope that someday our fellow Filipinos will change for the better, I believe it will never happen.

It's not just the politicians, it's the Filipinos as a whole. There are many good people here but they still are Filipinos. They still show what and how they really are. It's the culture. Laziness is a culture. They love to ALWAYS REST even at work. Only in the Philippines. Something I haven't done back when I was working in the states. I have learned strong work ethics. Work is work. It gets done correctly and timely. And not just half-ass job.

I can enumerate a bunch of things here that regular folks does that contributed to this society's failure but it's too long to type.

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