Saturday, March 7, 2015

#Filipino civilians can all contribute to the #war effort and strengthen our fighting capability! #AllOutPeace

I think that one of the reasons why our soldiers are reluctant to fight is because they are generally under equipped and malnourished. They will indeed suffer as what we have seen during the siege of Zamboanga–bootless soldiers foraging for food.

We also have to show them that they have our support. Us civilians may not be willing to "to volunteer to be on the front lines" but we can nevertheless help them by opening our wallets.

I propose the issuance of war bonds, actively campaigned and sold. Expenditures should be transparent and the soldiers, politicians and artistas can campaign for us to buy war bonds. The money raised from this can better equip our armed forces, encourage more people to join the service (nothing better for a soldier than going to events with Marian Rivera to sell war bonds I imagine) and ultimately overwhelm the rebel groups in Mindanao.

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