Monday, October 6, 2014

#Filipinos will not progress unless they develop a strong sense of community

The chaos and lawlessness of filipino society is not caused by poverty and low wages, alone. There is something historical and cultural which is the root cause of the lack of empathy and community pride; which is the glue that usually holds groups of people that live in the same area together.

The feeling that "we are all in this together" seems to be largely missing in this country. Instead, there is an attitude that I describe as "childish"; in that the person only thinks of what they want at this particular moment and to hell with the consequences.

Until the reasons for this attitude are addressed; no progress in this country is possible. The reason I used the analogy of child rearing is because we all know what happens when there is no accountability to hold our appetites and whims in check. The strong trample the weak, the greedy hog the resources meant for all and life becomes a "tooth and claw" affair.

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